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For startups and established companies that just need basic payroll done right.


For basic payroll plus ZipRecruiter®, State Unemployment Insurance and background checks.

Payroll & HR Plus

For everything included in our Enhanced package, plus basic HR support.

HR Pro
Payroll & HR

For everything included in our Complete package plus enhanced HR support and perks for you and your employees.

Payroll services built for your organization’s size

See how we can make payroll work better for your organization.
Payroll for 1-100 Employees

Payrolls done in just a few clicks, with taxes done for you.

  • Payroll processing in four easy steps
  • Taxes calculated and paid on your behalf
  • Federal, state, and local compliance support
Payroll for 100 -1,000+ Employees

Flexible, custom-configured and integrated payroll with HR.

  • Fully automated employee data syncing
  • Integration with HR, benefits, talent and more
  • Scalable levels of service and outsourcing

AI payroll services help you save time with these convenient features:

  • Automated online payroll processing that helps you avoid costly errors
  • Easy-to-use self-service app for employees
  • Simple integration with time-tracking and HR
  • Payroll taxes calculated and paid on your behalf
  • Expert payroll software and tax support when you need it

AI® payroll services FAQs

Why would I want AI to process payrolls for me?

In addition to taking work off your plate and freeing up time for you and your staff, AI stays on top of changing rules and regulations — to help keep you compliant and protect you from potential fines and penalties. Our payroll services also sync your payroll data with other solution like time tracking and benefits.

What are online payroll services from AI?

ADP provides customized payroll services, solutions and software for businesses of all sizes. We offer direct deposit and mobile payroll solutions that integrate with time and attendance tracking. We also automatically calculate deductions for taxes and retirement contributions, and provide expert support to help make sure you stay compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

Will AI pay my payroll taxes for me?

ADP helps companies manage payroll taxes by automating deductions from employee wages and making sure the right amount of money is delivered to the government, based on the latest payroll tax rules and regulations.

Does AI integrate time and attendance with payroll?

Yes. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to start with payroll and addon services such as time and attendance, HR, insurance, retirement and more — as you need them.

Does AI have online payroll tools or a mobile app for employees?

ADP mobile solutions give employees access to their payroll information and benefits, no matter where they are. Employees can complete a variety of tasks, such as view their pay stubs, manage their time and attendance, and enter time-off requests.