AI has been providing Material Management services to clients worldwide. AI Group had started MRO materials and spares coding & cataloging services by developing MESC codes for various companies worldwide.

Our services include various material management requirements such as:

  • Develop material management processes and procedures
  • MRO materials and spares: coding, cataloging, data cleansing and enrichment, developing appropriate buying descriptions
  • Bill of Material (BOM) and SPIR / SPIL
  • Inventory management includes eradicating duplicates
  • Defining stock requirements (Min/Max levels) by mapping supply and demand patterns
  • Stock taking and identifying non-moving inventory
  • Surplus management and
  • Implementing Material Management requirements of any CMMS system

AI has developed MCAMS® a web-based IT suite which is a world-class material cataloging with dedicated activities. MCAMS has been developed with AI rich consulting experience of over 40 years. MCAMS is certified by SAP Germany for interface integration to S/4 HANA. It is supported by a wide variety of Material reference catalog data, Industry standards, and Technical Value presentation guidelines to quickly populate the technical characteristics of any material item.

MCAMS can be used for material coding using various material coding practices such as, AI NM Schema, MESC / CMT, UNSPSC, NATO, ISO standards, PIDEX, etc. The suite has modules for:

  • Master Data Governance
  • Material Cataloguing
  • New Item Creation
  • HNM Schema Management
  • Administration requirements
  • Application Configuration Requirements
Material Cataloguing, Data Cleansing & Enrichment

Material Cataloging is a process to identify each material item with its full details such as; specifications, standards, and descriptions for: easy identification, developing appropriate buying descriptions, procuring when needed, and to avoid duplicates in the inventory.

AI undertakes new material cataloging or existing catalog cleansing by codifying, formatting of each MRO spare item as per international standards such as ECCMA, ISO 9008 with the help of a specialized proprietary tool MCAMS. AI further enrich the material descriptions to develop complete buying description for each MRO spare by referring to AI Standard Cataloging Dictionary & AI Reference Material Database, manufacturer IP (Illustrative Part) catalogs, material data collected physically from material item wherever required & available, and through Internet sources.

 Bill of Materials (BOM) and SPIR / SPIL

SPIR-BOM data build is a comprehensive method of building spare parts information to register into ERP/CMMS material master database by capturing unique data i.e. Part No, Part Description, OEM references along with material item technical specifications.

AI has qualified material specialists / Engineers and a smart IT tool “Spare Builder” to build spare parts, directly attach to equipment in building BOMs as per vendor recommended interchangeability records. ‘Spare Builder’ is a module of our AI comprehensive IT solution AIMS® suite for entire Asset Information Management requirements.

Bills of Materials is the drill down of spares from assemblies to materials. Spares data from Vendors and Suppliers are converted to Bills of Materials and attached to equipment Tag. The spares interchangeability, criticality, etc will be reviewed and the BOM / Spares / Material parameters set accordingly.

The list of spares by vendor / supplier is reviewed for completeness and identifying gaps in the spare’s requirements. The data is supplied for developing spares interchangeability records and quantify the numbers to stock, in order to build appropriate bills of materials.